What is the Thatcham Vision project?

Thatcham Vision has the job of picturing a vision for Thatcham and planning and delivering on a programme of projects to improve the lives of residents. We do this by asking the opinions of local people and businesses so we can then write the 5 year Parish Plan. The next Parish Plan is currently being written.

10 facts about Thatcham Vision

1 We are a not-for-profit organisation

We are a group of volunteers supported by a Project Manager at Thatcham Town Council. Our aim is to bring about improvements in the town for the benefit of its residents.

2 We are non-political

We consult across the whole community (all sectors, all ages) and have no political agenda or motivation.

3 Local issues, local people

We all live, work or have an interest in Thatcham and focus specifically on the needs of our town and its residents. Just Thatcham, nowhere else.

4 This is what we do

Our primary role is to identify the hot topics that matter most to the people of the town and then to encourage or enable the relevant bodies and organisations to take projects forward.

5 We're Totally Topical!

Our work is completely topic-led, based on feedback collected from local residents. We don't identify issues ourselves – we react to YOUR views.

6 We listen to you

You can have your say by contacting us on Facebook, Twitter, our website and at community events throughout the year. We are committed to involving as many people as possible in our consultations and planning.

7 They listen to us

Our first Action Plan was adopted by Thatcham Town Council and West Berkshire Council and many of the needs and opportunities we identified have been taken up.

8 The story so far

Our first Action Plan led to: Thatcham Film Club, Vision Youth Club for 8-12s, the 'thatchamonline' website, Thatcham Heritage book, Lifelong Learning programme at The Hub, an annual Volunteer Recruitment Fair, provision of cycle racks around the town and raising the profile of sustainable travel with local interested parties. We have worked on 108 actions/projects and have an 80% success rate.

9 What's on the horizon

In 2012/13 Thatcham Vision will be carrying out a major community survey, to reflect the latest views of the community, leading to a new Action Plan, which is due to be published in 2014. Don't forget to have your say!

10 We need YOU!

Thatcham Vision welcomes anyone who has some time to spare, to help us in our work. If you would like to know more or want to get involved as a volunteer, we'd love to hear from you!

The Story So Far…

  • Monthly Film Nights
  • Youth Club for 8-12s
  • Community Website
  • Heritage Guide
  • Town Cycle Racks
  • Lifelong Learning Forum
  • Adult Education Classrooms
  • Annual Volunteer Fair
  • Community Events

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Survey results

What was your opinion? Did you want the green space separating Thatcham from Newbury to be reassigned for housing? Did you say that Thatcham is a safe place to live?

Find out how Thatcham answered the big Vision Survey 2013 in our easy to read graphical results. These opinions will be used to influence and guide policy by Thatcham Town Council and West Berkshire District Council.